The people in the room above me have been going at it for like three days straight I swear to god


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Hidden Histories: The First Black People Photographed In Britain – In Pictures

  • Peter Jackson, 2 December 1889. Born in 1860 in St Croix, then the Danish West Indies, Jackson was a boxing champion who spent long periods of time touring Europe. In England, he staged the famous fight against Jem Smith at the Pelican Club in 1889. In 1888 he claimed the title of Australian heavyweight champion. (Photograph: Hulton Archive).
  • Johanna Jonkers of the African Choir, 1891. (Photograph: Hulton Archive).
  • Albert Jonas and John Xiniwe of the African Choir, 1891. (Photograph: Hulton Archive).
  • Sara Forbes Bonetta. She was orphaned in inter-tribal warfare in West Africa, captured by slave-raiders, and presented as a ‘gift’ to Queen Victoria at age 5. (Photograph: Courtesy of Paul Frecke).
  • A member of the African Choir, who all had portraits taken at the London Stereoscopic Company in 1891. (Photograph: Hulton Archive).
  • Member of the African Choir, 1891. (Photograph: Hulton Archive).
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“man i am so tired” stays up for 3 more hours doing absolutely nothing


Interior, Carl Vilhelm Holsøe

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Portable desk used by Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was an incredibly prolific writer—for example his contributions to the Federalist Papers ran to 100,000 words.

The desk would have held all the essentials—paper, ink, writing utensils, etc. and the lid would have made the surface of the desk.

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September 17th 1787: US Constitution signed

On this day in 1787, the United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia. The document was thus adopted by the Constitutional Convention, which included George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin. It was later ratified by the states and came into effect on March 4th 1789. The Constitution sets out the rules and principles that govern America to this day, and defines the powers of the three branches of federal government and the states. The first 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were ratified in 1791 and established basic rights of citizens, including freedom and speech and religion. The Constitution has since been amended 17 times, giving a total of 27 amendments. America’s is the oldest written constitution still used today.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”

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I have told you, and I told you truly that I love you too much. You engross my thoughts too entirely to allow me to think of any thing else. You not only employ my mind all day; but you intrude upon my sleep. I meet you in every dream, and when I wake I cannot close my eyes again for ruminating on you sweetnesses [sic]. ‘Tis a pretty story indeed that I am to be thus monopolized, by a little nut-brown maid like you, and from a Statesman and a soldier metamorphosed into a puny lover.
Alexander Hamilton, letter to Elizabeth Schuyler, October 5, 1780 (via okay—idiotas)
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To Elizabeth Hamilton

Nov [19] 1798

I am always very happy My Dear Eliza when I can steal a few moments to sit down and write to you. You are my good genius; of that kind which the ancient Philosophers called a familiar; and you know very well that I am glad to be in every way as familiar as possible with you. I have formed a sweet project, of which I will make you my confident when I come to New York, and in which I rely that you will cooperate with me chearfully.

“You may guess and guess and guess again

Your guessing will be still in vain.”

But you will not be the less pleased when you come to understand and realize the scheme.

Adieu best of wives & best of mothers. Heaven ever bless you & me in you


From Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Hamilton, [19] November 1798


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I know I have talents and a good heart, but why am I not handsome? Why have I not every acquirement that can embellish human nature? Why have I not fortune, that I might hereafter have more leisure than I shall have to cultivate those improvements for which I am not entirely unfit?

Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth

"I mean, I know I’m awesome…by why aren’t I AMAZING?"

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Roy Hargrove.

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Among other causes of uneasiness, I dread lest you should imagine, I yield too easily to the barrs that keep us asunder; but if you have such an idea you ought to banish it and reproach yourself with injustice. A spirit entering into bliss, heaven opening upon all its faculties, cannot long more ardently for the enjoyment, than I do my darling Betsey, to taste the heaven that awaits me in your bosom. Is my language too strong? It is a feeble picture of my feelings - no words can tell you how much I love and how much I long - you will only know it when wrapt in each others arms we give and take those delicious caresses which love inspires and marriage sanctifies…
— Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler, October 5, 1780 (via publius-report)
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