Clifftop Walk at Pourville, 1882

Claude Monet

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TRACK: Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
ARTIST: The Spinners
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♫ Could It Be I’m Falling In Love - The Spinners  1973

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A Georgia era, early 19th century, ‘Dearest’ ring, the first letter of each stone represents a letter in the word ‘dearest’

Diamond -D
Emerald - E
Amethyst - A
Ruby - R
Emerald - E
Sapphire - S
Topaz - T

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Columbia University [Students looking at a compression testing machine.]

Date: 1948

Author: Stanley Kubrik

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Idalia (32-36 A-E) - L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

I need this in my life

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James Cagney practices dancing on the set of Something to Sing About, 1937.
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Bernice Bing (1936 - 1998)

A San Francisco native, Chinese American, artist, lesbian, community activist—Bernice Bing, was a bridge between many worlds. She came of age during the Beat era and entered the San Francisco arts landscape in the 1960s with her paintings, which synthesize abstract modernist painting with Chinese calligraphy.

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Bedroom by jandudas on Flickr.

of Maria Filipa Countess of Althan, 1777. Typical Classicist style design with the symetrical placement of two fireplaces around the central bed with the baldaquin although the fireplace on the right side is fake and it is the entry into hallway.
Castle Vranov nad Dyjí.

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There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.
Federico Fellini  (via youngfolksociety)
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#DidYouKnow #Deaf #DeafAwareness #education #SignLanguage #advocacy #NMSCares

This is actually sadly relevant. I had a lecture this summer about sign languages and Deaf culture and when I was finished, one hearing girl from the audience stayed behind to ask me some more question.

She asked me: “And your parents use sign language, right?” Like it was the most obvious thing in the world and why is she even asking this, of course my parents must know sign language.

"No… They don’t, actually."

"And how do you communicate, then?"


"But… isn’t that complicated for you?"

"It is, sometimes."

"They probably didn’t have time for it…" she said. And I haven’t the heart to tell her that my father was offered sign language courses several times, that I offered to teach them some signs and that they always refused.

But I did told her: “It is not that rare. Most of deaf people I know have hearing parents who don’t sign.”

It’s the sad truth. People are willing to pay for surgeries to “repair” their children, but they are not willing to learn something to communicate with them.

i’d like to add onto this with my own personal experience, too. i was born hearing, but as soon as i was diagnosed as HoH, my parents didn’t do anything to learn ASL. they were quick to put me in classes, but they wouldn’t when i suggested to them that they take the classes with me so that we could learn.

i’ve tried to teach my mom how to sign numerous times, but she always says that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” to which i tell her that she can learn, she just doesn’t want to. which is true. neither of my parents want to learn how to sign, but they want me to be able to hear perfectly so they don’t have to repeat themselves.

little do they know that their frustration with me not being able to hear them would be solved if they would just learn how to sign. maybe signing something to me once instead of repeating themselves four times and then getting mad would be more beneficial.

I’m absolutely shocked at this, it’s never crossed my mind that many parents wouldn’t even try to meet their hard of hearing kids halfway.

TRACK: Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)
ARTIST: Beirut

Come sit at the table
Under October’s able skies

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The Skater (Portrait of William Grant) by Gilbert Stuart, 1782

The painter recalled that when William Grant, from Congalton near Edinburgh, arrived to have his picture painted, the Scottish sitter remarked that, “on account of the excessive coldness of the weather … the day was better suited for skating than sitting for one’s portrait.” Thus artist and sitter went off to skate on the Serpentine River in Hyde Park. When he returned to West’s studio with Grant, Stuart conceived the idea of portraying his subject on ice skates in a winter landscape, with the twin towers of Westminster Abbey far in the distance.”


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Sometimes the best way of caring for your soul is to make flexible again some of the views that harden and crystallize in your mind; for these alienate you from your own depth and beauty.
— John O’Donohue, Anam Cara  (via thelittlephilosopher)
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