Great grandparents! I almost have a full set! Guy and Attacara, William and Fannie, and Everett and Dorothy. 

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One of my cousins found a web page talking about my great uncle Arthur who was a radio host in Boston and it turns out he worked in LA in the 40’s for CBS radio?!?! And there’s an audio clip of him talking about how his career in radio started. This is literally the best day. 

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Here is a picture of Everett looking kinda like Tom Hiddleston 

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My great grandparents, Everett and Dorothy. 

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this is a photo of my grandparents dressed up for a gender swap themed dance in the 60’s and it is literally the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life

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My grandfather takes a stroll through the forest, 1938. 

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Here’s a picture of my great aunt Leona with Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Guy H. and Attacara Cameron on their wedding day, 1907

I am FREAKING OUT. These are my great grand parents, whom I have seen countless photos of but in every photo I’ve seen their faces are somewhat obscured either by time, lighting, hats, or simply because the photo was taken from far away. Look at how handsome my great grandfather is!!! Look at that dress!! I’m so glad someone found this oh my gosh. 

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Anonymous said:
I don't mean to sound creepy, but I was browsing through your archives and I saw a picture of your grandfather. He was incredibly cute/handsome. I would've fallen in love with him on the spot. Was he Scottish or Irish? Because he looks like either of the two.

Oh thank you anon! This is not creepy at all. I definitely agree with you! (as much as I can…being related to him and all) When we find new pictures of him the first comment among all my family members on that side are something similar. 

I’m assuming the one you saw was this one? (I will use any excuse to post it…) It’s one of my favourites. 


I know I’ve posted these but here are a couple more of my favourites…

These are class photos. He never went to school past 8th grade so he’s pretty young here. 



Here he is a bit older and being a goofball


And here he is with my great uncle Wells…trouble makers these two…


ANYWAY to answer your question…

He was actually VERY Welsh on his Father’s side (that side of the family were fairly recent immigrants I think. His last name was Jones) and English on his Mother’s side (that ancestry goes all the way back to William Brewster, who was on the Mayflower). 

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Happy Birthday to my Mamie, who would have been 96 today!

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look at this picture of my dad

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So one night my grandfather was out for a night on the town with his buddies. He got really, really drunk and wandered away from them. He ended up calling my grandmother from a pay phone, asking her to come pick him up. When she asked him where he was he said “On the corner of Walk and Don’t Walk”.

After he got off the phone with her he zipped himself up to a nearby parking meter so that he wouldn’t wander off again while he waited for my grandmother to come get him. A couple years later all is friends pitched in and presented him with a parking meter for his birthday. 

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Just wanted to show you this picture of my Grandfather so you know that you’ll never be as cool as he was. 

That is all. 

I need to reblog this every once in a while because he was adorable and I miss him. 

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This is where I work, in 1948, when my Great Grandfather owned it. He is the man sitting on the left. 

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